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HLGK united its own coaching and development philosophy (“The Art of Goalkeeping, The Seven Principles of the Masters”) with the best bits from the GK-coach education programmes from FIFA, UEFA, Germany, Spain, Italy, England and the Netherlands, amongst others. The result is a unique, stunning programme with inspiring content, unchallenged by any other federation or institution. The best bit: it works with every culture, nation and age group.


Currently, there are two forms of coach development:




Classes are for goalkeeping coaches who work at academy level. Coaches interested in HLGK classes should send their CV and personal letter explaining why they want to join a class.


During the seminars, we will discuss relevant development topics and the mechanisms of the football industry to help prepare young, talented and ambitious coaches for professional level. As well as the  seminar content, all coaches can benefit from individual screening/assessment and receive honest feedback about their potential as a coach.


Classes are offered in different countries, depending on the target group. The UK will, however, always be HLGK’s main base.




Masterclass courses are for elite coaches only. Coaches must work as a first-team staff member with a professional club or as backroom staff for an U21 or senior national team. During the Masterclass, we will discuss the topics which only apply to professional coaches. Masterclasses are in the UK.

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